Options Trend Following Credit Spread Trades

Today is the beginning of another week and we’re looking for potential trades to enter for either the December 2013 expiration or the December quarterly options.  We only have one options trend following trade open right now and that’s in Natural Gas (UNG).  We took a little bit of heat last week, but price has bounced away from our stop level from the time being.

In the video below I go through my analysis of potential options trades in Gold (GLD), Bonds (TLT), and stocks (QQQ and IWM).  I would like to enter a short Oil (USO) trade as well, but price is just a little too far extended for the risk reward to make sense.

I am actively trying to take trades in the markets listed above, but only if the risk/reward makes sense.  If I can’t get any of the verticals to fill at a reasonable price, I won’t trade.

Bonus:  If you have a market that you want me to trade, let me know in the comments below or through the contact form on the about me page.  I’ll analyze the trade in a video and post it to the site within 24 hours.

Enjoy the video.