trading options meditation

How To Improve Your Trading With Meditation and Incantations

As options income traders, we’re always looking for edge.  Normally we like to look for edge in technical analysis, volatility, and strategies.  While I certainly agree that all of those things help, the reality is that, as long as we’re the ones sending the orders, some portion of edge comes back to us. Trading and […]

IWM Put Butterfly Options Adjustments Expiration

Negative Gamma is Not Your Friend. $IWM Butterfly Options Expiration Adjustments

What it’s about: The video below goes through a naked put trade in $GLD and then moves to the $IWM butterfly. The December IWM Put Butterfly is within two weeks of expiration and the Gamma, Delta combination is getting a little risky for my taste. I take a look at two expiration week adjustments that […]

Put Write Index Returns

Writing Naked Puts. The Unspoken Challenger to Buy and Hold

Casual investors are usually discouraged from selling naked options because naked options are considered “risky.”  The occasional exception is selling naked puts, however, naked puts are frequently presented as a strategy to buy stock at a lower price.  I’m not totally sure why it’s less risky for a causal investor to buy a stock that’s […]