2014 International Equity Strength Map (Or The Lack Thereof)

U.S. Stocks finished higher again in 2014 and that strength could potentially lead us to believe that risk assets performed well in 2014.  However, a look around the world at our neighbors suggests that all risk assets aren’t created equal.  As many people know, 2014 wasn’t kind to Russian or Greek equities, however, the majority of International Equity markets ended the year in negative territory.

In the map below, we’re taking a look at some of the major Equity markets around the world.  All of the International Equity markets shown have an ETF available and the returns shown below are the ETF returns.  Performance is measured based on 2014 total returns, including dividends, with data coming from Yahoo Finance.  A table view of the markets follows the map.

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2014 International Equity ETF’s – Total Return Performance Map

2014 International Equity ETF Performance

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