IWM Put Butterfly Options Adjustments Expiration

Negative Gamma is Not Your Friend. $IWM Butterfly Options Expiration Adjustments

What it’s about: The video below goes through a naked put trade in $GLD and then moves to the $IWM butterfly. The December IWM Put Butterfly is within two weeks of expiration and the Gamma, Delta combination is getting a little risky for my taste. I take a look at two expiration week adjustments that […]

January IWM Put Butterfly

$IWM Put Options Butterfly Update, Adjustment Points, and Technical Analysis

The 10 Second Overview: The video below goes through the open $IWM Options Put Butterfly positions for the December 2014 and January 2015 expiration cycles.  The December expiration has been very challenging for neutral options trading, but the recent sell-off left the position in great shape.  The January position looks very good for only being […]