$RUT March 2015 Options Butterfly Partial Close


Do you trust $RUT?  In my mind, $RUT can’t be trusted.  Yesterday I was watching the market and beginning to feel slightly uncomfortable with $RUT and the potential for the market to move higher.  As a result, I decided to adjust the March 2015 Butterfly again by closing the lowest Butterfly.  An image of the position prior to the adjustment is shown below:

RUT Put options Butterfly Adjustment

The image below is the current position after selling to close the March 2015 1130/1180/1230 Put Butterfly:

$RUT Options Put Butterfly After Adjustment

My main reason for making the adjustment is that I’m not feeling very bearish about the Russell 2000 and I have concerns about the market gapping higher. I was sitting in the relatively bearish position for quite a while, but the market just wasn’t pulling back. As a result, I decided to sell out the lowest butterfly, flatten delta, and hopefully give myself a little more time in the trade. The video below goes over the adjustment in more detail. Enjoy: