Member FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have a question that isn’t addressed below, feel free to get in touch via email (info at thetatrend dot com).

Are Email alerts trade recommendations?

No, email alerts are provided for educational purposes only.  In fact, all information provided by Theta Trend is for educational purposes.  There is risk of loss in trading options and the full site disclaimer applies.

How does the Market Outlook work?

The market outlook is updated on a daily basis with written comments.  Some days may use video in place of or in addition to written comments.  The Market Outlook is designed to be an educational tool for understanding what’s “going on” in the markets and how that impacts open positions.

The Market Outlook is designed to be like looking over my shoulder while I explain what I’m watching and how we’ll react.

How do email alerts work?

Email alerts are sent prior to placing actual trades with a rough range for fill prices.  There will be at least a 5 minute lag between the time I send an email and the time I begin executing my own orders.

Are you really taking the trades?

Yes, I’ll be taking all trades discussed in a real money account using thinkorswim as my broker.  I pay a commission rate of $1.50 per contract.

Can’t you just adjust a trade to make it profitable?

Many trades can be adjusted to become profitable, but not all trades are worth adjusting.  In some cases it makes more sense to take a loss and move along to the next trade.  Factors that influence that decision include the market environment, cumulative commission cost, floating profit or loss, and trading capital deployed.